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Outsider said: The dome lights are staying on while driving now.

. Mar 21, 2015 · interior dash lights do not stay on while driving.

they started to just flicker at night then they stayed on.

Even then when I start the vehicle the dome lights come on and stay on.

. Nothing's changed on the car, wife left it today and the interior lights wouldn't go off. even when locked with the alarm pad.


In that case, you are not alone and are in the right place!. . .

Lasting Light. Interior lights stay on while driving, lift gate sensor flashing and occasinally alarm goes off in middle of night Recently the lift gate sensor showed it was open, when its secured.



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Why do the dash lights filcker when driving? Interior lights stay on so pulled fuse and dash lights quit flickering. Mar 21, 2015 · interior dash lights do not stay on while driving.

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I have pulled battery cables for 30+ minutes, tried turning off the lights using the dimmer switch, replaced battery.

Unhooked both door connectors to isolate the circuit and still blow read more.

. If the car is locked they all stay on for i guess at least 10 minutes, then eventually go out. i opened and shut the rear hatch and they started to flicker.

. . 98 Grand Cherokee: interior lights stay on when ignition is turned off with door closed. I. . .

no change.

When I put the fuse back in the rear hatch when open will. light dial on.

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interior dash lights do not stay on while driving.